Orphanage home vision:

Uprising the talent of needy orphans kids in our community through football

Mission statement:

The Orphanage dedicated to the removal of barriers that restrict access to and success life to orphans.

Core values

  • Promotion of standards of living of the Orphans
  • Create an academic environment to the orphans
  • Grooms Orphans into responsible citizens
  • To crater for quality in education
  • To be a vanguard in all community activities
  • To excel their best potential through this game of soccer

ORPHAN’S enrollment

The Orphans are totaling 24, twenty four

: CHILDREN number peerage group

5 years to 7 years 3 1 4


8years to 10years 2 2 4
11years to 14years 13 0 13
15 – 18 years 3 0 3

Orphanage home activities

Ram soccer academy we train children to community work like digging, washing, and other vocation training like sweater knitting, and many others. This is basically so to cater properly for the better standards of living as principles on which the soccer academy was established

  • Community work: the academy has a total of two leaders mandated to provide community work to orphans. All these leaders are doing it on a charity basis. They are headed by Sserwanga Antony the founder and experienced in humanity, charity and institutional management.
  • Vocational work: As earlier pointed out, these vocational trainings are done at the church because our academy is lacking enough land, so we do our vocational work at the church. And it’s a must every orphans to get time and read bible for the better becoming closer to God day by day and religious education services to orphans
  • Co-curriculum activities: As mandated by the national regulator, all orphanage homes ought to conduct these activities. Notable among them are; games and sports, talent exploration i.e. Music Dance and Drama, Leadership promotion clubs like patriotism clubs among others. We train them.