PINECREST PREMIER SOCCER: President of the Board of Directors
Miami, Florida

I fell in love with Ramssocer by watching the children’s pure joy of playing the beautiful game. Anthony has done a remarkable job through his professional training and his unconditional love for the kids.

Nursultan, Kazakhstan

Todd Applegate

I am an international teacher who has lived in Saudi Arabia, Thailand, and now Kazakhstan. In all of these countries, well-organized and funded football opportunities for girls and women are not available or are severely underdeveloped. I volunteer my time and train only girls in order to try to improve and bring balance to this situation. When I learned of Ram Soccer Academy and the inspiring work that Antony is doing with orphaned and at-risk children, my heart went out to him and his family of beautiful, young Ugandans. I love seeing Antony working with his kids through the videos and pictures.

I am looking forward to involving the international community and my students while helping Antony grow and fund his mission to care for these kids so he can attend to their parental, educational, and football needs.

It is my pleasure to be involved.

Delfine Paolini


Writer & Filmmaker
Ram Soccer Academy provides a safe haven to orphaned children in Eastern Uganda. Through football, they have instilled community-building skills that will benefit the children as they grow, enabling them to become advocates for their peers and society alike.
Elora louise Jannes Ramsoccer Academy Ambassador


I am a student.
I am a footballplayer.
The children are very inspiring. super sweet and talented children.
David Baird , Australia


I am an Australian living in Bathurst of New South Wales. I have been working in manufacturing for many years, and have been playing soccer all of my life. I have always wanted to find a genuine cause where I could donate money directly to the people in need, and finding the family of Ram Soccer Academy has given me that. I am grateful for my time helping them as it has helped me appreciate what I have, and given me a new purpose in life. I pray others will help too.



I am an Australian living in NSW. A devoted mother of three beautiful children who have grown and now live their own lives, and have adopted many throughout my mothering years. I have nursed most of my working life and have loved my role as career, healer and always have time for a friend in need. I have supported many charities and have searched for a long time for an organisation who is not funding the wealthy and I found it when Rams Soccer Accademy found me. What you put out to the universe is what we receive, and these boys need and deserve so much more. I'm so glad we are family.