Ram soccer academy is a Non-Government organization. The soccer academy was established on a charity and humanity foundation with strict adherence to soccer academy.
The soccer academy is located in Kirinda-Masaka 5Km away from Masaka town business center.
The academy was founded in 2016; however it was later alone deregistered as a community based organization in 2017.

Target Groups

The sole beneficiaries of this academy are orphans, children from most disadvantaged families and orphans affected by various epidemics. These vulnerable children often live in child-headed homes or with relatives who do not value education highly due to the socio-economic activities and life styles among rural and peri-urban communities. Therefore, besides providing education, this project intends to strengthen Christian faith, principles and practices within the academy community.

Soccer is a sport that youths in rural areas can participate in freely. Our soccer academy has impacted many vulnerable and orphaned children with talent in Sports within Masaka. The soccer academy reaches out for talented children under 18 years. Through football, we have managed to organize sports Galas aiming at scouting young talent.
Through this academy we are able to sponsor our children to go to school ,build an orphanage home,start up a piggery and goat project  and buy land for a modern play ground for both football and netball of which all these are undergoing projects. We are focused on maintaining vulnerable and orphaned children as well as youth with talent in football/soccer and other sports including netball, and volleyball.


Empowering children, promoting their talents through football, vulnerable people, mobilizing communities & building good future


Supporting children in education, promoting their talent through football, vulnerable people with basic needs and social well being

Specific objective

The specific objective of the academy is to provide a fully equipped orphanage home that adequately caters for 50 orphans/vulnerable children before the year ends.


  • To provide the needy with basic needs
  • To develop the talents and enjoyable skills of the children, including sports, performing arts and other non formal skills.
  • To provide play grounds to the community
  • To provide orphans with school fees and school requirements
  • To provide the community with improved social services
  • To provide food to the Aids victims & elders in the community
  • To provide children with adequate education
  • To offer special support for significance under privileged but talented children.
  • To improve the well fare of children.
  • To help rural and urban vulnerable children to form community indigenous self help groups in order to improve their livelihood in different households basing on sustainable development goals of 2030 and Uganda vision 2040